Emily Chamberlain - General Manager

Emily Chamberlain

General Manager
Phone: (707) 762-8601 ext. 301
Emily has officially been with Larsengines as of December 2001 but has been around the business for a significantly longer period of time. Her parents, Sue and Don Larsen began the business in 1979 and she joined them to carry on the family tradition after attending Chico State University and gaining some experience. Emily says, "We are proud to be a locally owned small business and a fixture in our community. We strive to provide excellent customer service through our knowledge, experience and friendliness. I hope to continue the tradition that my parents began 39 years ago to successfully serve our customers."
Pete Tomasetti - Shop Manager

Pete Tomasetti

Shop Manager
Phone: (707) 762-8601
Pete began his career with Larsengines in November of 1984. Pete is considered an expert technician, problem solving even the most difficult of jobs. Besides working on equipment he also manages shop improvements and keeps tabs on shop efficiency. Pete's loyalty to Larsengines is apparent in his willingness to help with any and all tasks while keeping in mind what is in the best interest for the customer. When asked what he likes about working for Larsengines he says, "I like the people. I like the challenges I am given and that we are always busy."
Sue Larsen - Assistant Manager/Purchasing

Sue Larsen

Assistant Manager/Purchasing
Phone: (707) 762-8601
Sue co-founded Larsengines with her husband Don in December 1979. In the last 38 years the business has greatly evolved and although Sue adjusted as needed she always kept customer service as her number one priority. Sue has an outstanding reputation in the community for her vast knowledge, friendliness and customer care. Sue has instilled these qualities in her employees. Although trying to enjoy a little more time at home she is still an integral part of the Larsengines team as head of purchasing. "I would have to say for me, I look forward to seeing new and old friends everyday, but most importantly I like being responsible for keeping the store well stocked so that we have what those friends need when they need it. It is a pleasure to be a part of this organization."
Scott Harter - Customer Service Representative

Scott Harter

Customer Service Representative
Phone: (707) 762-8601
Scott joined the Larsengines team in February 2017 after being a loyal customer. His extraordinary customer service skills are a perfect fit for our organization. Spending time with the customers and answering their questions is something he truly enjoys. Scott says "I like the outstanding staff and personal customer interactions. I admire the staff's professional ability to ensure customer satisfaction and respond to their needs with a 'can-do' attitude."
Don Larsen - Receiving Clerk

Don Larsen

Receiving Clerk
Don co-founded Larsengines with his wife, Sue in December of 1979. His reason for wanting to open the shop was because he, "...hated to see equipment that could be repaired thrown away. I wanted to give the people in our community a local option to get their equipment fixed." Since 1979 Don and Sue have grown their business, employees and customer base to keep up with the ever changing market. At this point Don works receiving parts and equipment that have been ordered for customers, repairs or stock. He still enjoys interacting with customers that he has known since beginning the business 38 years ago.
Cody Chamberlain - Shop Dog

Cody Chamberlain

Shop Dog
Cody has been with Larsengines since December 2008. What he enjoys most about his position as shop dog is the treats and pets he gets throughout the day from customers as well as the staff. He makes sure the customers know that we are a dog friendly store!